What Every Author Needs

What every Author needs…

When Angels Fly


What Every Author Needs

By Holly Bargo

Writing resembles medicine in that writers, like doctors, practice their craft or profession. There’s always room for improvement, always something new-to-me to learn. Telling stories over a lifetime exceeding 50 years, I like to think I’ve developed some expertise at it. New writers often ask me the same question: What’s my one key piece of advice?

Answer: Get an editor.

Every author needs—yes, needs—a professional editor. (I write and edit, and I put my money where my mouth is: I hire an editor before publishing my books.)

An editor is not your unpaid beta reader(s), a family member, or your friends. They are biased. An editor offers an unbiased, critical, professional opinion that, yes, can sting. Suck it up, buttercup. Better for an editor to point out every glaring mistake and glitch than the reading public who leave scathing reviews proclaiming sloppy…

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