What’s Your Author Persona? How to Be Yourself Online—Only Better – by Anne R. Allen…

Something to remember whether we are Authors or in Business.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

 I blog often about an author’s online presence and the importance of keeping your image squeaky clean, especially when you’re starting a writing career. That image is sometimes called your “author persona.”

Artists have always had personas—an image they project when they are in public. It may involve a way of dressing or a way of speaking, or subjects they like to talk about. It’s what they present in interviews and personal appearances. Until the Internet age, authors didn’t have to think about it much except at book launch time.

But in the age of social media (and Google) we are out there in public every day. It can be hard to remember we’re always “on stage” out here in Cyberia, even while we’re sitting home in our jammies. But we still need to be aware of our image at all times and make sure what we say and do…

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