Caught out on Facebook

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 8.13.44 PM.pngWell, I suppose it was bound to happen at some stage.  However, I’m still puzzled at how. Now you’re wondering what I’m on about.

Did you know that employers can see your FRIENDS Post?  I thought they could only see PUBLIC POSTS.

If I am wrong about this, then how did they find and read the post. It was an ordinary plain post, nothing upsetting no real indication as to who, what or where…well except in replies which I should have taken into Private Message. Needless to say, it was posted for view to FRIENDS. I do this to protect myself after a few hassles. I’m not one to share my life story to everyone. Now I’m shuddering and wondering what others have seen on my Facebook Page which aren’t meant to be viewable by the public.

I went really quiet due to stuff like this nearly two years ago. Not wanting people I am not friends with to know all my business unless I needed or wanted to share. Then this happens. I’m starting to wonder if I should close down and go to MeWe.  

Private posts to FRIENDS should be just that.

7 thoughts on “Caught out on Facebook

  1. Patty says:

    On the news not long ago there was a report about employers being able to get any information they wanted or needed from FB about you your friends, etc.

      • Patty says:

        You didn’t specify country. Personally I don’t think people are to be able to make a decision on employment etc. by what’s on your Facebook your personal time out to be your personal time but that’s just me. I had trouble with what was on my Facebook when I was working in the public. My supervisor started getting complaints from people because they didn’t like what I wrote about. And I told him to mind their business but you see where I am LOL.

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