5 Tips to Starting Your Novel!! #Writers #WritersLife #amWriting #Writer #IndieWriter #IndieAuthor #PitchWars #PitchWarsPrep

This is great for though who are Plotters. If you’re a panster…go with the flow 🙂

The Writer's Block


5 Tips to Starting Your Novel!

Follow these easy steps to starting your novel and be ready for all upcoming Writing Contests and Opportunities such as Pitch Wars (Re-Opening for submissions in September)!!

5 Tips/5 Steps

  • Decide on a plot
  • Choose a setting 
  • Determine and Distinguish characters
  • Work out timelines & major details by outline your story by acts
  • Work out all smaller details with a Chapter-by-Chapter Outline

The Breakdown ~

♦ Deciding on a plot includes:

Determining your book’s genre and sub-genre(s) (Thriller, YA, NA, Contemporary, Horror,  Romance, Period, etc.)

Age group (NA, YA, MG, etc.)

Story length (Novel, Novelette, Short Story, etc.)

♦ Choosing a setting includes:

World building (Is this a fantasy realm? Is it a place that exists? Where is it? What are it landmarks? What is its culture/demographics? What does it sound like what does it smell like? How do your main characters…

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