Your Guide to Making Scenes That Are the Opposite of Flat! #Screenwriters #Filmmakers #Filmmaking #FilmmakingTips

Do you think your a scene in your manuscript is FLAT …then this may be a good thing for you to read.

Industry Secrets with Ivana Sanders

Do you ever watch a movie and think, “Eww, that scene could have been so much better and way more epic!” Or “That was it? That big reveal could have soooo much more impactful!” Or “Seriously that character arc fell flat. What a dud!

The horror of people watching our movies and thinking the same thoughts!

We not only want to produce the best films that are void of flat, empty, disappointing scenes and dry dialogue we want our audience to leave our movies satisfied and inspired by what they have just seen!

I have some easy tips to help you make that goal a reality!

Avoid Flat Scenes by being mindful of these 6 Scene Mistakes:

  1. Unrealistic interactions between characters
  2. Dialogue that feels out of character for your characters and made to only move the writer’s agenda ahead
  3. A slow pace
  4. Excessive dialogue
  5. Excessive…

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