How to Build your World: Religion

Thank you, Ari. This is an important post to those who need or want to add religion in their Fantasy Worlds.

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Yes, it’s time for another World Builder article.  Today’s post is all about Religion in your world.

If you missed any of my earlier World Builder articles you can find them here –World Builder series.

Disclaimer: Okay since I’m discussing religions, one of those topics they say never to discuss, I just want to add that nothing I right here is done so to offend.  This article is just about creating religions in fantasy worlds.


Why is Religion Important?

If you ask people what religion is, many will state that it’s a “belief system.”  However, religion is not simply the concept of a deity/deities and the worship/belief of them.

Religion has wide-reaching implications, it can affect laws, define cultures, create traditions etc.  For example, religion affects how people treat others, how they deal with their dead, what foods should and should not be consumed to name just a…

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