Unusual Writing Tips: Dealing With Facts In Science-Based Fiction – by Sam Bleicher…

Writing tips for sci-fi…What do you know? What do you need to know? How many movies have you watched who do it wrong…

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on The Creative Penn:

Writing science-based fiction or even science-based fantasy raises especially challenging “fact” problems for the author. If the text misstates, twists, or ignores an obvious scientific reality––like the behavior of mass in a gravitational field or the physiology of death––is the author clever and imaginative, or just ignorant?

The credibility of the entire story may depend on avoiding an apparent factual mistake. Or the reader may lose interest in the narrative because the departures from reality are too frequent, too convenient or too extreme.

Careful planning is desirable to avoid undermining the appeal of the story. Here are some factors to think about.

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