Maisey Ryder – Agent of…

New draft work from Claire Plaisted… Unedited at this stage. Comments welcome.

Claire Plaisted - Multi-Genre Author

jonathan-francisca-TugncRa2lA4-unsplash Photo by Jonathan Francisca on Unsplash

Cigarette smoke hung low in the airless room, weaving its way over the men’s heads, seeming to settle on their shoulders. 

The men’s eyes were all drawn to the small stage where a lone woman danced in a slow sultry style, her smile begging them to watch as she twisted her body around the pole in the most imaginative of poses.

“Bloody hell, where did you get her from,” Verone mumbled his cigarette dangling from his lips.

“You like the new girl then,” he said with a quiet rumble of laughter.

“Hell yeah, she’s gorgeous.”

A sudden explosion of noise behind them had the door bursting open, slamming back in to the wall. The girl on the stage screamed, grabbing her clothes she ran quickly off the stage.

“What the?” said Verone turning towards the door.

A fist landed in his face knocking him…

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