The Australian Fires: Where You Can Donate

Living in New Zealand we see the effects of what is happening in Australia with the smoke, the red sun and moon. NZ has been helping in the firefight, sending 100 or so firefighters over on rotation. Our PM has now sent over help from our armed forces. We are truly good neighbours of OZ. Now everyone from around the world is either helping or wanting to help.

If you wish to help please read this blog and donate to those listed.

Thank you and please SHARE. Thank you, Suzie.

Suzie Speaks

I’ve watched in horror over the last few weeks as the fires in Australia have ravaged the country. With 24 people and 500 MILLION animals dead, millions of hectares of land burned and more than 1400 homes destroyed, I’ve been reduced to tears as the pictures of the devastation have been shared across the news and social media. Like the fires across the Amazon Rainforests and California there’s a feeling of helplessness, particularly in the fact that it is happening literally on the other side of the world.

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