Scam Publishers…Beware.

Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware®

I’ve been expending a lot of words and time lately warning about the latest scam phenomenon to hit the writing world: fake publishing and marketing companies that, through outrageous prices and worthless services, extract enormous amounts of money from unwary writers.

Based in the Philippines (despite their apparent US addresses, phone numbers, and telemarketer names) and focusing primarily on small press and self-published authors (particularly authors who’ve published with one of the Author Solutions imprints), these companies recruit writers with relentless–and highly deceptive–phone and email solicitations. Some do provide the services authors pay for, albeit at seriously inflated prices and often of poor quality. Others just take the money and run. I’m hearing from a growing number of writers who’ve paid five figures in fees to one–or, in some cases, more than one–of these scams, with next to nothing to show for it.

Given how fast the scams are proliferating (I learn about a new one every few weeks), I thought it would be helpful to gather all the information I’ve put together about them in one place.

My posts about the scams–where they come from, how they work, and how to recognize them:

– Army of Clones: Author Solutions Spawns a Legion of Copycats
– Army of Clones Part 2: Twenty-One (More) Publishing and Marketing “Services” to Beware Of
– Solicitation Alert: LitFire Publishing
– Amelia Publishing and Amelia Book Company: Sons of LitFire Publishing
– Solicitation Alert: Book-Art Press Solutions and Window Press Club
– Solicitation (and Plagiarism) Alert: Legaia Books / Paperclips Magazine

Here’s a list of the scams themselves–at least, the more than 50 I’ve identified so far (the list is also posted in the sidebar of this blog). You’ll note that a number of them operate under more than one name. Some have perished since I began the list–I’ve noted this, but left their names, for the sake of authors who may have been scammed while they were operational.

– Access Media Group / Quill Space Media
– Ace Media Creative Publication / Ace Media International / APM Media Production / Pearson Media Groups
– Alpha Books Solutions
– Alpha Books United
– Ascribed LLC (defunct)
– Author Aide
– AuthorCentrix (formerly BookBlastPro)
– AuthorLair
– Author Reputation Press
– Author University
– Beacon Books Agency
– Black Lacquer Press & Marketing
– Book Art Press Solutions / Window Press Club / Booktimes
– Book Avenue Publishing (used to also do business as Nivra Press)
– Book Magnets
– Book Reads Publishing (defunct)
– BookSpine Press / Author Codex
– BookTrail Agency / Book Agency Plus
– Book Vine Press
– Books Scribe
– BookVenture Publishing
– BookWhip / Carter Press
– Box Office Media Creatives / Buzz Media Creatives
– Capstone Media Services (defunct)
– Creative Titles Media/TrueMedia Creatives
– Diamond Media Press
– Dream Books Distribution
– EC Publishing
– Editor’s Press and Media
– Global Summit House
– Gold Touch Press
– Goldman Agency
– Legaia Books
– Lettra Press
– LitFire Publishing / Amelia Publishing / Amelia Book Company / GoToPublish
– Maple Leaf Publishing
– MatchStick Literary / AuthorPro Creatives and Marketing (AuthorPro is defunct, but MatchStick lives on)
– McNaughton Books / McNaughton Publishing
– Netsfilm & Media Press
– New Leaf Media
– New Reader Media
– Okir Publishing (defunct) / ADbook Press / Coffee Press
– Outstrip (defunct)
– PageTurner Press and Media
– Parchment Global Publishing
– Paradigm Print
– Paramount Books Media
– Press To Impress Publishing
– Readers Magnet
– Royale House (defunct)
– Rushmore Press
– Sherlock Press (defunct)
– Silver Fox Media
– Stampa / Stampa Global (formerly Capstone Media Services)
– Stonewall Press / Uirtus Solutions (both defunct)
– Stratton Press
– Toplink Publishing
– Universal Book Solutions
– URLink Print and Media
– Vivlio, a.k.a. Vivlio Hill, Vivlio Hill Publishing, Vivlio Solutions, Vivlio Marketing Solutions
– WestPoint Print and Media
– Westwood Books Publishing / Authors Press / Creative Books
– WorkBook Press
– The Writer Central / IdeoPage Press Solutions
– YourOnlinePublicist
– Zeta Publishing

(I’m continuously updating this list–adding new companies as I discover them, deleting the ones that disappear.)



5 thoughts on “Scam Publishers…Beware.

  1. Tigerman says:

    My first book was published in print by Authors Solutions. When I querried the price they were going to charge, I said it was far to high. The saleslady said, no problem, You can change this. However, once I had sgned up, I was told I could not adjust the price. Therefre, take care and find out exactly what you are agreeing to before you sign a contract.

    • claire plaisted says:

      Totally agree. With my company I do Author Assist and Invoices go out after FINAL approval of work. This means you as the client get to see the work prior to paying. People say I should do a deposit, though so far I haven’t. I’ve also never hand anyone refuse to pay for work done. Though this would be mentioned in a contract.

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