Facebook Games & Amazon


This could be confusing. Though when I look at it. It isn’t, well not to me.

I see games where authors list other authors they know. In fact, I am tagged in these games and I rarely participate. Why? You may ask. Well…it’s because it shows we know each other. It shows, in general, we are friends even though we’ve never probably met. This means if we review each other’s books on AMAZON then their bots might take it down because…WE KNOW EACH OTHER…

I call these TRAPS and so many fall for them. Which is why I no longer play. I don’t play the games to learn about each other either. Once again it is Facebook gathering information to send you ADVERTS you don’t want. I think some call them click-bait. A bit like the FAKE NEWS articles.

Don’t play the game and let Facebook and Amazon get away with knowledge their BOTS can use against you.

I adore my author friends. I would personally prefer to review their books than for Amazon to become aware of our friendship on Facebook.

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