1. It’s a good interview. I’m happy to share. I need to put up your radio one too… 🙂 That was an interesting listen, until the lawn mower guy arrived and i couldn’t hear anything…sigh. Luckily i was close to the end.

      1. LOL nothing like a lawnmower to make a noise. I have been lucky in getting several interviews of late, plus 3 radio shows – one of which, Chatandspin.com, I am on every week at various times, never same day, next week I am on 21st 7.50pm UK. I am back on theauthorsshow.com on 23rd (USA internet show) 24 hour loop which is great. And yes, the Brian the Hammer Jackson show was fun, over an hour and 20 mins of mayhem. I try…lol. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Hope the grass looks fab.

      2. The grass is average at least, though that is what you get with a rental. I have plants in buckets…and small planters…which will hopefully create some colour and pretty aromas.

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