Do You Know How To Do A Book Review?

This is great for those writing reviews. However, if you really hate a book. Don’t review it at all. Don’t even one star it, especially if you never finished the book. Especially if they are all individual short stories… Anthologies are written in many styles, with different characters and endings. To review part of a book is…just daft.


I have been asked by several people recently how to do a book review. Many of these people mentioned to me that they enjoyed one or more of my books but did not know how to do a review.

Since I have been doing reviews for several years I didn’t realize how many do not know how to do them. It feels simple enough to me but I am a writer and doing them is second nature to me. If you are not used to being on Amazon or other sites and doing reviews it is a daunting task.

Well, this post is my way of making this task easier for you. Here is what you need to do.

  1. You go to and put in the search engine the name of the book you want to review. For example, here’s the link to my books on Amazon.


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