Renza’s Dream Eighteenth Birthday by Jane Risdon

Another awesome write up about Jane Risdon and her wonderful books. This time we Jane shares a bit of her story “Only One Woman”

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Claire Plaisted is an Author Consultant and Author who assists others to produce a professional manuscript to upload to various distribution websites or print at their local printer. Claire was born in the UK and migrated to New Zealand and is married to a Kiwi with three adult children and two cats.

4 thoughts on “Renza’s Dream Eighteenth Birthday by Jane Risdon

  1. Thanks so much, Claire, really appreciate this. I must point out, however, this is not from the book Only One Woman, this is a piece I have written as a fantasy birthday party for the blog I was asked to write something for. This is written by just me and is Renza’s story for this post. Appreciated. xx

      1. LOL no worries, I just didn’t want people to think they’d find her birthday in the book. You know how folk jump on such things. I often word things weird so don’t fret. You can still have cake and a drink at the party 🙂

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