Covid 19

Hello everyone

This is to let you know business will go on as normal except to any personal meetings. All meeting and work will now be via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom.

New Zealand is going into Lockdown on Wednesday at midnight. All but essential businesses will be self-isolating for at least four weeks, maybe longer.  If you are asked to self-isolate please do so. 

The longer this goes on… the longer it takes to recover. Please remember if you don’t you could be making this worse. People are dying alone. 11,000 plus worldwide. ALONE…no family visits, no funerals, no goodbyes… Please self-isolate for your family, friends.


About claire

Claire Plaisted is an Author Consultant and Author who assists others to produce a professional manuscript to upload to various distribution websites or print at their local printer. Claire was born in the UK and migrated to New Zealand and is married to a Kiwi with three adult children and two cats.

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