The Working Bear – Oxford

I’d like to introduce you to my new employee. Please welcome Oxford Bear



Oxford was born…bought on my 40th birthday while I was visiting Oxford in England. I’d been given a small teddy bear by my young children and sadly lost it. So with it being my birthday, I bought Oxford. He travelled everywhere with me. Still does. Though I’m slowing down now so I gave Oxford a job and he’s taken over my chair. Luckily I still have my desk.

I would sit in my recliner though Nero the cat seems to have decided it is his. He wasn’t happy to have his photo taken this time either. I must find a decent one.
Where to sit.  Well, Oxford and I came to a decision to share the chair. During his off time, he’s decided to sit on top of the printer instead. He doesn’t look overly impressed but never mind. If he wants to be in my office, then he needs to take his chances.


Meanwhile, I’m hoping he may help me with my marketing. You never know, he could help just by holding a client’s book or pretending to read it.  I’ll let you know how it goes. First things first. I need to order some author copies for him to hold.

4 thoughts on “The Working Bear – Oxford

    • claire plaisted says:

      As a household we have heaps. Well, we did. Some are now in the UK with my daughters and they’ve bought more. The rest of mine are on my sofa. Oxford is the only one who travels anywhere. He’s been to the UK a few times now 🙂 He’s looking forward to sharing his stories 🙂

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