AMAZON – Author/Proof Copies

I know there is a pandemic on…However, this is ridiculous…

I just tried to order my proof/author copies of books recently published. For some reason, I got only six choices of marketplaces.  USA, UK, DE, ES, IT & FR.  Noted a few days ago via a post on Facebook, I found out they were no longer posting to New Zealand or Australia. In fact, they won’t send anything out of any country you order from. You can only order inside one of the…I think it’s fifteen amazon companies around the world…

I tried to send some author copies to my illustrator to check the full-colour children’s books we’ve recently launched and NOPE can’t do it.  However, if I go to the Canadian site (NOT LISTED ABOVE) I can buy a copy at FULL-PRICE?

If they can do this, then why isn’t Canada listed as a Marketplace for Author Copies?



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