How to Market a Book: 15 Proven Book Marketing Strategies – by C.S. Lakin…

Proven Marketing Strategies for your book.

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on The Self Publisher:

If you have just finished your book—or are in the process of finishing itI have some bad news for you…

Writing your book is the easy part.

Because here’s what comes next:

  • Planning and executing your book launch
  • Developing pricing strategies
  • Marketing and promoting
  • Selling and managing sales channels
  • Advertising
  • Building a fan base
  • Assembling a street team
  • Developing a mailing list

These are just a few essential things that will determine your book’s success. These are also the things that make most writers cringe.

I mean, you write books because you love to write, right?

But without following through with marketing, selling, and advertising, your book won’t be discovered.

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