Micheal R Stern #Awethor of ……

This is an interview with Michael Stern who participated in the #Awethors Anthology in 2015. I wonder what he is up to NOW. Hey, Michael, can you update us on what’s happened over the last five years and what you’re doing today?

Plaisted Publishing

Awethors.awethology.soonMichael R. Stern is a storyteller.  A native of Garden City, New York, he has visited many parts of the world, with a desire to see more.  After a long business career, he has settled into the solitary life of writing, and more importantly, learning the art of storycraft.  He is a graduate of Cornell University, earning both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.  He lives with his wife, Linda, who has just completed her first book, and family including Katie, a Wheaten Terrier in Riverton, New Jersey.  To learn more, click here:  http://bit.ly/Alphabio.

DSC_2489I have written for years, since I was a kid, but until recently never more than a passing thought on paper. Even the beginning of serious writing was not intentional. When my father died in 2009, I intended to write anecdotes in remembrance, a family memoir.  Instead, after searching his papers, I realized that he shared…

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