Introducing #Awethor Anita Kovacevic

This is an interview with Anita Kovacevic who participated in the #Awethors Anthology in 2015. I wonder what he is up to NOW. Hey, Anita, would you like to update us on what’s happened over the last five years and what you’re doing today?

Plaisted Publishing

Awethors.awethology.soonPlease welcome our first #Awethor Anita Kovacevic who is here to tell us a bit about her short story “Passage” in the Awethology Light, which is free on Smashwords and Kindle.

Anita.photoTell us a bit about yourself.

This bit is difficult but will try to keep it short – Anita Kovacevic, teacher of English, multi-genre author, wife and mother, creative dreamer from Croatia.

What bought you to the world of writing?

Storytelling during my lessons was a natural continuation of my endless creative writing during childhood, and my teaching colleagues urged me to start publishing. It was never planned, it all just happened.

Characters keep me awake till they are on paper. Writing makes me happy and is a part of me.

What story have you entered into the Awethology and Why?

My story is light urban fantasy – Passage, inspired by a stone passage featured on a photo in…

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