The Beautiful multi-talented #Awethor and Editor – Christie Stratos

Another talented Awethor…Five years on. 🙂

Plaisted Publishing

Awethors.awethology.soonMeet the lovely #Awethor and Editor, Christie Stratos a creative young woman who loves to write and has done so since her childhood.  Christie also has her own business as an Editor which widens her creativity even more.

Christie Stratos headshot_outdoorsTell us a bit about yourself.

Thanks for doing this wonderful interview! I’m a writer and an editor, and I love doing both. One always inspires the other, so when I edit, I’m dying to write, and when I write, I think of additional ways I can help my editing clients. I love immersing myself in multiple creative endeavors, and once I get going, I forget to do everything else. Like eat.

What brought you to the world of writing?

I have written since I knew how. I’ve always loved expressing myself creatively, and it’s what I’m best at, what I’m most comfortable doing. I wrote poems when I was very young…

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