Samhain Celebration: a Bubba Tails Adventure #BubbaTails

Pattys World

OCTOBER 30, 2020


We ran round the house. The big dog’s silky fur slipping through my fingers as he ran in and out between my legs. We danced, and he did the Wigga Woo.

I ran into my bedroom, leaping into my bed. The big dog following hard on my heels, landing in a heap before me covering my face with kisses readying himself for a belly rub.

“Oh, my Bubba! I do love and miss you so!”

“No tears Mother, you promised.”

“I know my beautiful son.” I said, as he licked the tears away.

All too soon the night passed, and he began to fade.

“now I must go Mother. But you mustn’t be afraid. Remember…

I am your Bubba.

Your great big Bubba.

Our Memories will make you happy every-day.

I know how much you love me and, in your heart, forever I will…

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