Secrets to Successful Self-Publishing: Invest in Your Team – by Laurisa White Reyes…

This is about the fourth blog post I’ve seen and read about Publishing, it seems we’re all on a roll about the same or similar things. It certainly does take a village to publish… Read on and find out more.

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on Fiction University:

“Unless you pay the price for success, you will not know its worth.” – Apoorve Dubey 

It Takes a Village

Your book is written. You’ve revised it to death. You have your social media, website, and newsletter up and going. Everyone you know is anxious to get their hands on your story. Time to publish, right? Well, not quite.

Probably the biggest mistake self-published authors make is getting to this stage only to jump the gun and “put their book out there.” 

You can easily spot these books because they have unprofessional covers, their texts are full of typos, and their interiors are unattractive. They scream ‘SELF-PUBLISHED!!!’ These tend to be the books whose authors naively believed they could do it all themselves.
I’ll let you in on a little secret: No author worth their salt ever does it all by themselves. Ever. Not ever ever.


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