Publishing Platforms

Other platforms I’ve used… for myself or for clients. Smashwords, draft to digital, Lulu, Ingram Spark. I’ve yet to use Kobo and Nook (Barnes & Noble) Each one is different on how you upload and set up your book to some degree. Most of them do wide distribution which means you can still get books on Amazon, however, the royalty is peanuts. During these Covid times, I don’t publish paperbacks on KDP due to not being able to get Author Copies sent to NZ. I have to use Lulu instead. I don’t like the paperbacks on Draft to digital (unless they have changed since I last looked.) I like Smashwords because it means those who use a screen reader can still download and read your book. It really is a matter of picking and choosing what is right for you.

Mick Canning

I have three questions for everyone out there who has self-published a book or books.

If you used a platform other than Amazon, which one did you use, why did you use it, and how do you promote and sell?

I have published two books, both on Amazon, and I used that platform as it seemed the easiest and is obviously popular and sees lots of traffic. Yet I would now rather not use it. I actually avoid buying anything on Amazon if I can, feeling there is so much about it (and its founder) that I do not like. But equally I would not like to be a hypocrite, so I need to find another platform which will work for me.

Irrelevant-ish photo – making paper by hand in Kalimpong, India

What is the answer, good people of WordPress?

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