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Wanted to share over here with Claire’s blogger pals too! Thanks for reading guys. Please feel free to join the conversation.

Pattys World

This message is going to my blog, my Facebook and to both my groups because there are some on one who aren’t on the other and some who are on all and I want everyone to be part of the discussion, so have fun!

*Note be sure to read all the way to the end for my special announcement about my books and where you can find them on sale!

Hey! You! Guys!

Does anyone remember what makes that opening famous?

Yeah… Yeah… I know I’m showing my age, but…

Well, Anyhoo! It’s Saturday, and some persons, including me are finding a bit wonky and so I’m here, making lemonade out of the lemons of my tech life. LOL.

So, this thread has every topic listed and this means anything goes. Just reply to this post wherever you’re reading from and talk about anything you wish. Advertise something…

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