Visit with a Friend by the Late Phyllis Staton Campbell #Author’sCorner

Pattys World

Visit with a Friend

By: Phyllis Staton Campbell

Taken from Hobbies and Such

Edgar Guest said it, old friends are best, and although this isn’t strictly true, there is certainly something in it. There’s nothing like a visit with friends that you know so intimately, that you can predict exactly what is going to happen next in their lives. We can ignore these friends for years, yet when we go back to them, they’re waiting, warm, thought provoking, sometimes inspiring, just as they were the day we met them. They are always there at our beck and call; they ask nothing of us; they never judge us, they never change.

Recently, I visited one of those old friends. I first got to know her when I was about ten-years-old when confined to the school infirmary with some childhood plague, possibly measles. Anyhow, she marched in via a Braille volume, that…

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