Ever Lost in the Moment by Patty L. Fletcher from The Avocet Spring Print Edition 2021 #PoetryPlace

Pattys World

Ever Lost in the Moment

The scorching wind roared angrily across the jagged peaks above.

The thundering waves pounded the steep cliffs below.

Standing with bare toes clinging to the rocks, naked in the fading day.

Faces moist with the ocean spray.

The sunset a ball of fiery molten liquid melting into the churning sea.

He, seeing her there, dangerously close to the edge.

She, breathing the dank salty air.

Her ebony hair streaming long and beautiful round her there.

He, drinking her in, his senses catching fire with want and desire,

she, like a deer, sensing danger in the wind, felt him there.

Turning to him her mouth parting in a gorgeous smile, they stood,

the only sound the roaring of the wind, pounding of the waves,

and song of the gulls. Their hearts beat as one. In perfect time with the rhythmic sea, they knew, they would be…

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