The Great and Powerful Chair by Patty L. Fletcher April 8, 2021 #Author’sCorner #What’sUp

Pattys World

Good morning!

This is Patty L. Fletcher and Prince Edward, A.K.A. Sweet Eddy reporting live and in person from the Great and Powerful Chair!

Sweet Eddy and I have discovered our chair is indeed enchanted. “What’s that? Oh, you’ve not heard of the Great and Powerful Chair? I suppose, I should really start at the beginning of the tale. So, grab your favorite morning brew, find yourself a comfortable reading nest and I’ll tell you a story.

Once upon a long ago, there was a lady who had an old, dilapidated recliner. This old thing had for quite some time, served her well. She had snuggled babies, cats, and even Labradors in this old warn out chair but sadly, its loving comforting life was coming to an end.

The footstool was starting to get hung when the lady tried to lift it up or put it down, the back springs…

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