How a Rooster Crows: Story 8 of the Muttley Crew Series Poppycock by Trish Hubschman #Author’sCorner #WordPressWednesday

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How A Rooster Crows

Story 8 of Muttley Crew


By Trish Hubschman

July 2008

“Cock-a-doodle-doo! Now you try it, son,” I say. “Hold your head up, back straight, chest puffed out and crow.”

Chick-a-dean takes a step back, nearly falling off the fence. I close my eyes and sigh. Teaching my grandson how to do the morning wakeup call isn’t going to be easy. He’s a bit uncoordinated. His father would have been a pro at this. I raised him that way. But he flew the coop a few years back, so now I have to work with Chick-a-dean. I love the kid, but I wish he was more like his old man, could crow like a pro.

Regaining his footing, he did what I told him, –straightened his back, held his head high, pushed his chest out, opened his beak and…Cock-a-ploosh.

“Oops,” Chick-a-dean says. “I didn’t do so…

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