Guest Post – Author Jane Risdon

Good morning all, and Happy #WordPressWednesday.
I’ve got a true treat for you. So, make sure to click to read the original post.
Thanks Jane and Robbie for brightening my day with this lovely interview.

Robbie's inspiration

I am very excited to welcome author, Jane Risdon, to Robbie’s Inspiration today to tell us a bit about her writing and her books.

Picture of Jane Risdon with her books: Only One Woman and Undercover Crime Shorts

Welcome Jane Risdon


Robbie, thanks so much for hosting me on your lovely blog, I am so happy to be here.

For those who may not know me or know of me, I thought I’d tell you something about my background.

I am an author, a dream come true for me having spent the best part of my life living in silent despair of ever being able to achieve my life’s ambition. After years of living another life — well, two really — I have managed to become a published author and one represented by an agent. Something I had never imagined.

My early life was spent working for various (British)…

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6 thoughts on “Guest Post – Author Jane Risdon

  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Patty, thanks so much for sharing my interview. It was fun to do and Robbie asked some fab questions. I appreciate you sharing this. Have a fab weekend and stay safe and well. xx

    • Patty L. Fletcher says:

      Good morning Jane. I hope this message finds you doing super Fabulous on this Fantastic Friday! 😊

      You’re very welcome. I am always happy to share your work. I find it quite amazing that with no real effort on your part, you always have something going on during my #wordPressWednesday promo days. This says you and I are in a natural alignment and we need not work at it. 😉

      I enjoyed the interview very much. Yes, Robbie asks some great questions. I believe I am going to have to see about having her interview me.

      Have a great weekend.

      • Jane Risdon says:

        You must get on her blog, it would be amazing and I am sure everyone would love to hear all about you. I have got to work hard because my agent tells me that it is necessary to have an online presence and be more visible. So, I am trying hard. Got quite a lot lined up for this next few months and also some internet radio again. Anyway, thanks so much and do go for it with Robbie. xx

      • Patty L. Fletcher says:

        Hi Jane.

        I’d like to see you use more of my services.

        Let’s have you email me this week so I can get an ad in the GV for you as well as maybe an Extract from one of your books.

      • Jane Risdon says:

        Hi, Patty, many thanks for being so supportive. I appreciate it. What is a GV? Sorry to be dim. Let me know what you are thinking, I shall do my best. Thanks for the offer. Have a fab weekend. We are having a Bank Holiday so not around much. And, I get to have a haircut on Tuesday, the first one this year. Overjoyed lol. xx

      • Patty L. Fletcher says:

        Jane The Writer’s Grapevine group. You belong to and the magazine, which I sent a link to you for at the end of the week.

        If you did not get that check your spam please.

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