After High School: What Next?

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Today, I have our favorite Child Psychologist, Dr. Valerie Allen, sharing with us some very timely information as we begin May, the month of graduation.

Here’s some excellent tips to help you teen as they graduate and contemplate next steps…

After High School: What Next?

There are five basic considerations after you graduate from high school. Number 1 to 5 which you think would be best as you move into the world of work. What are the benefits of your #1 choice?

___ Take a year off

  • Travel – enrichment, learning; costly, consider safety and welfare issues
  • Work – income, new skills; time consuming, restricted freedom; consider time and money management
  • Move – more freedom, new friends; consider cost , resources, and loneliness
  • Pursue a hobby – satisfaction, enjoyment; consider no or limited income, dependence on others

___Join the U.S. Military…

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