1. Thanks so much for sharing my post, wishing you sweetness and Light! *willows in mist**hummingbirds*

    1. Hello Joan, Patty here. Claire and I are happy to share you here.

      I thought it would be wonderful to have you over at Claire’s place to introduce you to some new people.

      Have a super day.

  2. I was planning on joining your call today, but have been called upon to be with grandsons during an emotional time. I know you understand. Much Love to you. *wispy clouds*

    1. Oh Dear! I hope all is OK.

      Of course I understand.

      I see you commented on a post I shared in the Writer’s Grapevine Mag group on FB but the thing is misbehaving and not letting me read it so I’m off for a beer and pizza.

      Love and hugs and call me if I can help or if you just need to talk.

      I’ve Toast Masters from 5:30 to 7 but after I’m free.

      YAY for the weekend!

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