Aboard the Timeline, a Children’s Book

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Bastian Gregory, the author

Hi everyone,

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Today, I have the good pleasure of introducing you to a mother of a young author to share his book, Aboard the Timeline, with you. I think you will want to read his book.

Let’s welcome, Tine Gregory, the mother of Bastian Gregory…

“My 23- year old son passed away last year, after struggling for years with depression. He was incredibly talented, had Asbergers and sadly suffered very badly for many years.

Before he died though, he managed to finish a children’s book he had been working on. And luckily he had sat down with his sister, who together with him laid out a plan for illustrations for his book.

Gregory (the author) and his sister, May (the illustrator)

The week after he died we received a confirmation from Pegasus, that they would publish his book.


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