Digging for nuggets of gold!

Pictures From The Kitchen Window

I can’t be the only person who gets stuck for words now and then or in my case every moment of the day – especially WordPress Wednesday. The plain fact is that I am no longer creative. Having exhausted 50 years of experiences stored in my head, the ‘hide-away-in-your-house regime, adopted by the oldies of the United Kingdom or if you are Scottish Dis-united Kingdom, are all used up and I have acquired nothing new. An empty space now exists where wonderful stories once lay! And it’s not a bit of good saying in a demanding tone, write something,ANYTHING for I am certain that way would lead to the 634 friends I have painstakingly gathered on Facebook defriending me. In desperation I have resorted to reproducing an article I would have written in my heyday. And yes, I did have a heyday that lasted a number of years, from 2007…

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