My guest today is Seumas Gallacher

Pictures From The Kitchen Window

(First published in Two Sides to Every Story Blogspot December 2019)

Today my guest is Seumas Gallagher who I met up with first in St Pancras Station, almost under the statue of John Betjamin, which, if you have read any of Seumas’ poetry, is appropriate.

A Journey to myself – writing my autobiography
   For authors, the old maxim is often quoted, ‘Write about what you know.’    I’ve been at this writing game properly for over a decade now, with a back list of five crime thrillers, a book of my poetry, a self-help marketing and promotional guide for authors, and almost 2,000 blog posts. Add to that a catalogue of half-a-dozen ghostwriting assignments for other people’s ‘autobiographies’, and it’s of little wonder that the thought occurred to put my own life story and experiences to print. ‘Write about what you know.’   What happened next was a sometime…

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