Celebrating Seven Years in Business

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Plaisted Publishing is celebrating seven years in business. Established in 2014, we are growing and have most certainly changed over the years. We’ve introduced an Author Consultant Service to help writers move through the publishing process so they can learn and upload their manuscripts to distribution websites. We also offer tutoring for some distribution websites.

This year we are also supporting charities around the world with our Ghostly Youth and Ghostly Rites Anthologies. All royalties from the ebooks will go to a charity which is chosen by those who participate in the books.
     Our Charity of choice for Ghostly Youth Anthology 2021 is Gumboot Friday/I Am Hope. This is a charity for Mental Health in New Zealand Youth, so they can get the counselling they need for FREE.
  Along with the royalties, we will also donate 10% of any money made from any paid consultation or formatting/Interior Book Design. If you are looking for assistance, please consider using our services so we can pay it forward and help some charities.

You can find more information or make a donation below.


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6 thoughts on “Celebrating Seven Years in Business

  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Happy birthday Plaisted Publishing, thanks for the opportunity to contribute to your anthologies which I thoroughly enjoyed. Wishing you and your authors a successful future. Great things lay ahead. xx

      • Jane Risdon says:

        Many thanks, I loved writing for the anthologies. Continued success for you all. You may be interested to know that Undercover: Crime Shorts is being read by 2nd years students at Western Kentucky University this fall in an Intro to Lit class with 27 second year students. I shall be doing a Q&A with them via Zoom in October. In March 2022 I am the lead panelist for the online panel in a discussion of The Intersection of Literary Fiction and Women’s Literature at LitCon, an author’s conference out of New York. Exciting stuff. Jane x

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