On One Foot

Jewniquely Myself

On One Foot

…brief updates about me and those I love

*The sun is smiling upon our little garden today, but again we are bracing ourselves for very high temperatures for the rest of the week. At shoulder height, the sunflowers take all this pretty much in stride, requiring minimal care and only occasional watering. The fuchsia and irises, however, with their delicate blooms, plead daily for water. We happily do our part, still praying Mother Nature will be able to do hers.

*Meanwhile, on the topic of Bucky, would you believe he seems to still be growing! He has surpassed his latest harness and collar–but remains the gentle canine giant in my life.

He visited our home a couple of weeks ago, and was a total gentleman. He did not help himself to the sofa, or poke his inquisitive nose onto tables or counters which he could easily have…

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6 thoughts on “On One Foot

    • Patty L. Fletcher says:

      Hi Joan, it’s such a pleasure to share your work with the world.

      I know Claire and her followers enjoy it much.

      I especially loved hearing of Bucky and his growing up. Such a wonderful success story.

      • joanmyles says:

        I’m just so proud of C and her husband! They have taken this damaged creature and filled his life with love and care…a true demonstration of what commitment and heart are all about!

      • Patty L. Fletcher says:

        I think it’s lovely and I can relate. After my EX went away I was left to undo all the damage he did to his dog Rocky and though it took a year and half to do it I managed to rehab him and make it so he could have a wonderful life with a great family.

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