Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives 2021 – #Potluck – Making Annual Plans 2020- Darlene Foster

My website is currently under transformation.
Thanks to Claire for letting me share things here.
I hope all her followers enjoy.
Great post Sally and Darlene.


  1. Thanks for sharing both Patty and Darlene’s posts which are always a joy to read. Good luck with your new website Darlene. Paty, hope you and your new friend are settling in well and enjoying getting to know each other. Not Campbell, but just as lovely I am sure.

    1. Good morning Jane, first, thanks for reading and commenting on the post. You’re welcome for the share here. I love sharing work and Claire has graciously allowed me to share things here on her blog. This helps her keep great content and allows me the pleasure of reblogging other’s work.

      Next, yes blue and I are getting on quite famously. He is much different than Campbell but he is a true treasure.

      There’s a Paws on the Streets series over on my blog which tells a lot of our tale. When the domain name transfer is complete there I have another tale to share.

      1. It all sounds wonderful, so pleased for you both. I shall look when everything is ready, meantime, have a great new week and many new adventures together. xx

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