The inner cat

What a delightful post.
Claire and I will love sharing this round.

Sun in Gemini

I’m not fond of practical jokes. They’re usually performed by people – famous or next door – who you’d cross the street to avoid.

But there is a level of trickery that can be justified as long as one is prepared to face the consequences…and only as a matter of important principle.

My lovely wife, Bernie, would tell you that my most ‘celebrated’ example of this was during a holiday in Cyprus, many years ago. On the first morning, we awoke to find a parade of cats on the patio. Mindful that such places are full of hungry strays, we simply stared out of the patio doors at them.

Secure in the knowledge that they had our attention, most of them left; leaving an elegant ginger pair: father and son, to parade around our pool before junior was ceremoniously dumped on our doorstep as the ‘lion king’ went about his…

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