My New Guide Dog

K Morris - Poet

On 1 September 2020, my old friend and guide dog Trigger was put to sleep due to having developed cancer. The months following his death were difficult. Not only had I lost a mobility aid but (far more importantly) I had lost a companion who had accompanied me almost everywhere since 4 July 2011. Of course as time passes the sadness becomes intermixed with happier recollections of one’s time together. One never forgets but life goes on and, in time one smiles again.

I have, since Trigger’s death, been using a long white cane. Whilst I am a competent cane user, it is far easier when walking with a guide dog (in my experience) than when utilising a white cane. I was therefore delighted when on Monday 1 November I received a call from the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association informing me that I had been matched with guide…

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2 thoughts on “My New Guide Dog

    • Patty L. Fletcher says:

      Hi Kevin, I’m so glad. Having a guide dog makes everything so much easier. May you have many happy years together.

      This post was also shared into the email Writer’s Grapevine group.

      Trish Hubschman had me share it onto her Facebook page as well.

      Are you receiving the emails from the group? I’ve tried to reach out to you about this. I hope I have the correct email info.

      Well, anyhow, good luck and you’re very welcome for the share.

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