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Claire Plaisted is an Author Consultant and Author who assists others to produce a professional manuscript to upload to various distribution websites or print at their local printer. Claire was born in the UK and migrated to New Zealand and is married to a Kiwi with three adult children and two cats.

Awethology Light & Awethology Dark

12113523_10154245504858448_4702270787191060319_oThe excitement mounts as the ‘Get down with Awethors,’ event draws closer.  Here in New Zealand we are less than 24 hours away, so don’t forget to drop in and say hi to your South Pacific #Awethors.  We will start this event along with Australia, who is only a couple of hours behind.  Then the rest of the world joins in.  Most people think there are only 24 hours to a day – it’s time to think again.

During this awesome event we will have our first ever Anthology Release.  So many #Awethors wanted to join in, we ended up with 2 books.  Awethology Dark for Adults and Awethology Light for 18 years and under.  Can you imagine 49 #Awethors getting together, writing, editing, proofreading, formatting and publishing two books in mere months.  This fabulous idea was the brain child of Rocky Rochford and D M Cain.  I’d like to applaud everyone who has participated with these Awethologies.  These amazing books will be FREE as eBooks from most online retails stores.  You will find the links tomorrow at the big EVENT at Get Down With Awethors.  The links for the books are Awethology Light & Awethology Dark

Also included tomorrow will the #Awethor Interviews by some of the #Awethors who participated in Awetholgies.  These will be published every half hour at the event for you to read and share with your friends.  They will tell you a bit about the #Awethor, their work and their short stories. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed setting them up.  Love you #Awethors.

Before I go I thought i’d better let you know about  the Team Battles.  There will be teams called #Team Dark & #Team Light to keep you entertained with battles of posting the best extract from their short story.  You never know we might even have a Meme Light and Dark battle, they are so entertaining, and of course may the best team win, which will of course be #Team Light – yeah you got it in one – I’m a writer as well as publisher, and I was lucky enough to get my short story accepted into Awethology Light.

Here are some of the great personalised banners and marketing banners which the Awesome #Awethors have developed for your enjoyment.


Team Banners


Micheal R Stern #Awethor of ……

Michael R. Stern is a storyteller.  A native of Garden City, New York, he has visited many parts of the world, with a desire to see more.  After a long business career, he has settled into the solitary life of writing, and more importantly, learning the art of storycraft.  He is a graduate of Cornell University, earning both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.  He lives with his wife, Linda, who has just completed her first book, and family including Katie, a Wheaten Terrier in Riverton, New Jersey.  To learn more, click here:

I have written for years, since I was a kid, but until recently never more than a passing thought on paper. Even the beginning of serious writing was not intentional. When my father died in 2009, I intended to write anecdotes in remembrance, a family memoir.  Instead, after searching his papers, I realized that he shared a time period and experiences with a remarkable generation of men and women.  Hence was born, “Reflections on a Generous Generation,” my first book, and a history of the Twentieth Century, as seen through the life of my father.

I took a crack at fiction with the first draft of a book about a teacher who could time-travel. I saw a picture of Robert E. Lee and thought it would be wonderful to talk to him. Well, he’s been dead for more than 150 years, and that made it difficult, but not impossible. Telling that story required learning to write fiction, an continuing and  on-going process.  I gave the draft to my nephew, David, who said he liked it, “but.” For writers, “but” is the first word after every compliment. You know what I mean.  Anyway, I had killed my protagonist.  David said he liked the characters and if I changed the ending , I could keep the story going. That story became STORM PORTAL, the first of a series, which has reached five books thus far. The second book, SAND STORM, was released in August, and the third, as yet untitled (my editor doesn’t like the working title) is expected in December.

The story I have entered in AWETHOLOGY is titled, “Conversations with the Devil,” my first short story since junior high school. I wrote it many different ways, including stream of consciousness, which in this case, could also be called stream of conscience. It is a look at some aspects of our contemporary society and the rules which govern how we live.

I can’t say where my writing will lead. I am a fan of history, historical writing, and its lessons for society today. I have expanded my reading to many new areas which I have never explored but see as routes to new stories. Thanks to sharing stories with my now-adult children, the multitude of fantasy worlds created by so many wonderful writers is a great temptation to attempt. 

I have been a member of #Awethors for what now seems like ages. I have read a good number of works from very talented people who will be the next generation of great writers.  A writing community benefits authors because we share a world unknown to the general population, the only group of people I know of that could keep Starbucks going by ourselves.

I spend a good deal of time using social media. I can be found on Facebook at

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My Amazon author page is

And I do respond to emails at

My books are available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

I was once asked who my favorite author is.  After a lifetime of reading, I don’t have one single favorite. I could list ten and leave out some of the best writers ever. So I won’t try.

I hope you enjoy our efforts. They are a labor of love to every reader.

1st Birthday Special

Celebrating our 1st Birthday with this very special offer

Blow up the balloons, bring out the food and wine and let’s celebrate together for this very special occassion.  After all you can only be One once.  To celebrate we have a speical offer for new clients between 31st July and 7th August 2015.  

As a new client we will format your book into an eBook or Print for $2 per 1000 words for up to 80,000 words. Any genre of book as long as you are an Indie Author.  

If you like our facebook page and follow/comment on our blog. You have the opportunity to enter into our birthday competition for a week. You can win a free consultation and formatting for your book of up to 80,000 words.  Click on the rafflecopter link below to enter.

Our Biggest Celebration yet!!

One of the biggest moments in our business so far is celebrating outr 1st Birthday with everyone who has been a client, supported, shared and helped us over the last twelve months.  

A huge thank you goes to Jim Adams for his ongoing encouragement and support and for also being my first client.  I would also like to thank all my family and friends for their support and faith in me.  Thank you to Darren of Rotorua X Charitable Trust, the trustees and sponsors for including me on thier small business program called INCUBATE.   A huge learning curve for me with on going support.  Thank you to Heather Sharplin for taking me on as a student in the Certificate of Small Business Management – CSBM which is still ongoing through the Te Wananga Aotearoa.   Thank you to Erin at the WEEKENDER for all the articles they have publilshed for my clients, introducing new authors to the locals of Rotorua.

Of course the biggest thanks goes to our clients, some who are returning clients.  Thank you.

In 2014:- Jim Adams, Bob Sutton, Captain B M Commons, Norman Maclean, Siobhan Foster, Gavin Kaukau (Australia)  and Helen Hindmarsh.

In 2015:- Bob Sutton, Jackie Evans, J B Taylor (USA) Daniel Kendrick, Warren Lockie, J C Christian (USA) Caty (Australia) Grant Gibson,  Stephen Rogers (UK), Chloe King & Rod Cameron

Author Promo Co-op

Blog Tour

If you are an author of Contemporary Romance or part of a Blog Tour for Indie Authors please let me know and I will post your Interview or Blog post to my site and share. This is a cross promo idea from the love Jessica Wren on Facebook. Look forward to meeting you all.

Did You Ever Read Mark Twain Or Beatrix Potter?

Self Publishing Authors

There are many readers out in the world who refuse to read Self-Published books, though this is understandable at times, readers shouldn’t shrug them off as all incompetent.  They are missing out an on some excellent stories which are continually rejected by Traditional Publishing Houses for reasons generally unknown.

by Charles King, circa 1913

After doing some research it is noted that Traditional Publishers have only been around for approximately 100 years, (give or take a bit).  Since this is the case could someone please tell me who published books by Mark Twain and Beatrix Potter? (two name two of hundreds) or even the first edition of the Bible held by the Roman Catholic Church?

I can guarantee the majority of you, over the last few decades have read books by both these authors who were originally SELF PUBLISHED.  Yes, you are reading correctly, these two authors self published their work, even John Grisham has self published a book which became a best seller.  

So why do some readers shun Self Published work?   Easy to say, many authors, after they have written a fabulous book?  Part of it is the author doesn’t format there manuscript correctly, there work therefore doesn’t look as professional as ones from a Traditional Publisher – though we all know they have mistakes in their books too, be them grammar or spelling.  Even editors miss errors, and it doesn’t seem to matter how many times a person goes through a book, it still gets printed.

Give an Independent Author a go, like your grandparents or great grandparents did in years past.  They won’t hurt you and you may find the next best seller.  For your information below is a link to a list of famous self published authors.

Famous Self Published Authors

Do You Make These Six Errors in Formatting

Mistakes on formatting are one of the most common irritations for readers when they buy self published books, be they eBooks or Print.  There is a lot of bad formatting out there, never mind the grammar and editorial errors abounding from one English speaking country to the next.  

Grammar and Edits are different in each country whereas Formatting is the same the world over, well to a degree.  There are basic steps to take to avoid these errors which so many writers fall into.  First you need to work out what type of manuscript you are writing.  There are different formats for novels, poetry, non fiction and even anthologies.  So where does this leave us?  Either with a long and arduous learning curve or hiring a professional who knows what they are doing.


Click on this picture and you will see part of a novel which had very little formatting in the novel, meaning it is not ready for publishing as an eBook or Print.  Though there are various degrees of difference between them if you are computer savvy enough you can format your work easily.  Can you see the mistakes?

Let me tell you about them.


•     Indents are one of the most common errors I have seen in self-published books.  In fact I used to do the same myself until I did some research and training.

•     Manuscripts which are left aligned, making your work look untidy and unprofessional.

•     Book title and Author name in your header area before the prologue or first chapter.

•     Page numbers starting on the first page our your print book instead of on the first chapter.

•     Page numbers at the beginning of each chapter not relevant to the contents page

•     Page breaks in the wrong place can mean a chapter title can end up at the bottom of the last        chapter, hanging there all alone.

All these errors will make most readers wince, put the book down, never finish reading it or ask for a refund.  As a self published author, i’d hate this to happen to me, let alone anyone else.  If we want readers of the world to grab a good book then many of you need to up your ante with your formatting.

This is where I come in.  For a small cost I can format your manuscript to eBook, Print or both and these files once approved by you can be uploaded to Kindle, Smashwords and Createspace.  This in the long run will save you time and frustration especially if you are not computer savvy.

Of course there are many more formatting errors I could mention, especially when you think you manuscript needs to be laid out a certain way for Editors, Proofreaders and Publishers to be accepted and worked on.

Watch this space for more on Formatting.

Plaisted – Self Publishing Service

Welcome to Plaisted Publishing House were we make your dreams come true, helping you to turn your manuscript into a book you can hold in your own hands.  Whether you novel, family history book is just for you and your family, a reunion or to sell on Amazon we will provide the quality service you need at the best price.

We will  format and produce the page layouts you require for your eBooks and Print.   Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Plaisted Publishing House