Our Authors

Bob Sutton

Bob Sutton is a man of many talents.  He was once a reporter for the “Mainland Touch” in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Over the last ten years he has put pen to paper and written many short stories, most of which are novels in their own right.  After been rejected numerous times by big publishing companies he contacted and started to have his books published by Plaisted Publishing House.

Receiving his very first printed book, he said it was “Tremendous”  to see all his hard work in print. You can now find this book “The King’s Quest” for sale online.

Rod Cameron

This authors book is called “Absolute Truth,” and is about philosophy. 

Philosophy has sprung into life with definitive absolute Idealism. Absolute Truth includes metaphysical logic, synthetic a priori, ontology, teleology, creation and existence. These metaphysical topics are now explicated and integrated. This should be the last of the big philosophies

Captain B M Commons

Starting his maritime career as a schoolboy yachtie in Auckland the author then spent more than twenty years in the Royal New Zealand Navy including several years under training or on exchange with the Royal Navy. During this period he served in all manner of naval vessels, aircraft and submarines specialising, after a short flirtation with the Fleet Air Arm, in underwater operations. When only shore appointments loomed ahead he resigned and started again as a third mate on merchant ships. Within five years he was again in command serving in bulk carriers, roll on/roll off cargo vessels, general cargo vessels, a collier, oil tankers, one small passenger vessel, oil field support ships, ferries, salvage tugs, landing craft and indeed anything that floated.  Now, after a further thirty-eight years in merchant ships he still feels unready for retirement.

Claire Plaisted

Claire has published a series of books for adults.

The first series is called “Garrett Investigation Bureau.” Revolving around the ins and outs of this company which is based in New York. The novels have plenty of action, twists, turns and of course romance.    The series consists of 6 published books. Hidden Secrets, Secrets Past and Hidden Agenda, which is the prequel though best read third.  Hidden Slaves, Secret Assassin and Double Crossed. Claire also has two more books for this series which will be hitting the online bookshelves in 2016.

Claire also has a young teens book published called “Zoe’s Journey.” which is about myths and legends which seem to have taken over life.  Zoe is finding her life not to be as she thought.

Along with these are two short stories. Charlie Girl’s First Summer Christmas and Diary of a Psychotic Killer.

Jim Adams

Jim is an author of several humourous books

His latest book called “Laura,” is a romance. It was formatted by our publishing house in both e-book and print editions. Along with a photographer, “Tweeks Photography” we also designed his book cover.  His e-book is now available at online bookstores and can be downloaded to any e-reader. His print edition is now published and will be available at online bookstores over the coming weeks.

Norman Maclean 

Award Winning Author Norman Maclean is about to release his first historical fiction based on the book of Revelation.  

The book is set mainly on the Greek Island of Patmos with a man called Kleitos. Kleitos is a Hellenised Jew who grew up in Judaea at the time of Christ.  He becomes aware of the controversies surrounding this man, learning some inconvenient truths about what actually occurred and eventually – in old age – finds himself exiled to the Greek island of Patmos where he encounters another exile penning a letter to his Christian followers in Asia Minor. 

Revelation is a uniquely interesting story  which will have you not wanting to put the book down. This wealth of experience over, on and under all the oceans of the world gives ample pickings for these yarns.  Almost any odd nautical comment brings to mind another strange event or even stranger person. It is a pity that some of the funniest stories are quite unsuitable for publication.


J B Taylor

J.B was born in Indiana where he still resides with his rescued Henry, Bo, and Rocky. He is the author of numerous short stories and has a collection of all new shorts due out later this year.

J C Christian

J.C, Christian is a new author living in the rolling green fields of Nebraska with her husband, David Christian, a musician. When she isn’t writing, J.C, works for a private agency providing rehabilitative services for individuals with mental illness. J.C.’s debut book Reaching for the Light: An Incest Survivor’s Story tells the very personal story of her recovery from the trauma of incest. When asked why she chose such a personal topic for her first published book, J.C. shared “I wrote this book as a gift of hope, inspiration, and healing for the approximately 40 million women in the United States who are or will be victims of this crime. It’s time we take incest out of the dark where it hides and shine the light on the lives it devastates. The survivors of this crime deserve to be recognized for the incredibly courageous people they are “. Reaching for the Light: An Incest Survivor’s Story is scheduled for release in early 2016.

Warren Lockie

A retired teacher who loves a good story which reflects our human condition. His interests include literature, music, science (and Sci-fi), nature, ecology, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, the simple pleasures of everyday life and interaction with family, friends community and nature.

Weta the Insect Wars, was over twenty years in the making from the first scribbles to the final full stop after retirement made time available for its completion. The sequel, Bali the Insect Wars is underway and several more story ideas have been sketched out.

 E-mails are invited if you wish to contact him at


Chloe King

Chloe King was born in Wales.  She lives with her two cats and a dog to keep her company. Surrounded in lush green fields Chloe writes erotic novellas. Her first series is called “Jemma’s Diary.” Chloe is publishing with Plaisted Publishing House Ltd in New Zealand.

You can contact Chloe at:- Email  Facebook and WordPress

The #Awethors – Facebook Group

#Awethors are a worldwide group founded by Rocky Rochford and D M Cain in April 2015 for an event called “Get down with Awethors.”  It was so successful that the group has grown and now has four anthologies to their names.

We are the #Awethors, an unorthodox bunch of writers, turned family who are driving by the same desire, to write what we love and share it with all those willing to read it. We don’t do things the easy way, but we do it our way and these anthologies is OUR way. Books filled with stories for all to enjoy and with that, we hope you find our worlds and words, music to your ears.

Michael Elliott

Michael J. Elliott is an Australian author living in the state of Victoria. He has been writing dark stories since his early school days. His primary headmistress once predicted that he‟d become “a second Alfred Hitchcock”. At secondary school Michael continued his writing, particularly in Media Studies where he wrote and directed videos and other projects. He briefly studied English and Media Studies at college and wrote and directed short films, videos and radio ads. Michael has also written a comedy sketch for an Australian television special.

Portraits of Dread is his first collection of short stories. He is currently writing the prequel to his highly praised short story, ‘Mr Westacott’s Christmas.’ Michael loves hearing from his readers; if you‟d like to get in touch with Michael, you can contact him at any of the following :-
Author Website

Keith Broad

Born, Peckham, England, August 7, 1950

At the tender age of five, I was ripped from my comfy British homeland and dragged into Canada (Hamilton, Ontario), by my parents during a frigid January 1956

Following my father’s dream, I moved to Vancouver, B.C. January 1971

Following my own dream, I now live in Annieville, North Delta, British Columbia, Canada

Patty L Fletcher

Patty is from Kingsport, Tenn. USA.  Patty is blind and has a beautiful ‘Seeing Eye’ dog who takes her out and about.  

Patty’s first book is a Non-fiction about her life as she is introduced to Campbell her ‘Seeing Eye Dog,’ and the training she had to go through.   Patty has a Newsletter called ‘Neighborhood News,’ which is published monthly and can be found in print and on her blog set up for those who are sight impaired or blind.

You can find out more about Patty at:-   WordPress

Zora Nyxx

Zora Nyxx, dances barefoot in the moonlight and summons her Muse.  Then contemplates the complex and intricate emotions of men and women, sipping wine and penning emotionally charged, sensual and erotic novels, spiced with humor and romance.

Wrenched is Zora’s first novel and Owned will be her next novel to be published on Feb 14, 2016.

Thanna A Setliff

Thanna is a new Indie Author of Paranormal Romance. 

Thanna A. Setliff has known she wanted to write since she was in fourth grade. She has an active and vivid imagination and loves to share it with people. She enjoys reading books of all genres and would like to branch our into several herself. Her first book is part of a series, Worlds of Darkness, of which Defying Darkness is the first.

D R Yurkas

D. R. Yurkas was conceived in the summer of love, raised in the sunshine of Florida and rain of the Washington state. She resides the east coast of Virginia where she lives in a small town which is the basis of her Carters of Milton and Braxon Carter series, which are a mix of romance, mystery and family drama. She has several newspaper articles published and a short story in Chicken Soup for the Soul Answered Prayers.

Catherine Schythe

Catherine Schythe was born in Chile and brought-up in Australia.

Her passion and love for literature began at a young age. As an adult, Catherine transformed this passion into her own writing, which has taken her on a new and fulfilling journey.

Catherine lives in Melbourne with her family and is an Early Childhood Teacher. She is currently studying a Master of Arts in Writing.

Wanda Luthman

Wanda Luthman has her Masters of Arts in both Mental Health Counseling and Guidance Counseling from Rollins College located in beautiful Winter Park, Florida. She has worked at the local Community Mental Health Center, the local Community College, Hospice, and is currently a Guidance Counselor. Her calling in life is to help others be their best selves. She writes magical, whimsical, adventure books that delight and inspire children. She has always loved reading and writing and wrote many books and poems as a child growing up in Missouri. She presently resides in Brevard County Florida with her husband of 21 years and 2 dogs.

Jackie Evans

New Zealand Poet.

Mark McQuillen

I was born on Maelstrom AFB in Great Falls Montana. I have lived all over the world being a military brat and also with my own twenty years of service in the Air Force. I was in the air and sea rescue with 179 jumps. I have lived in most of Europe and Japan and spent a year in the USSR. Most of my family lives in Webster City, Iowa. I currently live with my wife and the puppies in Pueblo Colorado. After retiring from the Air Force as a Tech Sargent. I went to work in customer service for AOL and other service providers in tech support. I was a computer geek before it was the cool thing to do. I really enjoyed my job. I liked being on the phone in customer service. I began my journey in writing as a way to relieve stress. I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease and had to be fused from my waist to my tailbone. It took eight pounds of titanium to do this with. Unable to work a regular job I started writing Tolkien fan fiction on a site called the One Ring. As soon as I wrote the first few sentences I was hooked. I did this for four years before I started Darkness Awaits. My inspiration for Darkness Awaits is a picture I have of a cloaked figure of a woman with a sword. I had been playing around with the idea when I saw this picture. 45,270 words later Darkness Awaits was finished. Two of my Valkyrie characters Mist and Malice came from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. I based my main male character Gil after my father and myself as well as guys I served with. PTSD is a very real very horrible thing for anyone to go through writing Gil and Jack Swanson as your typical GI’s that suffer from PTSD was a way for me to cope with my own battle with it. As of now I have ideas for five maybe six books in the Valkyrie Darkness Series. I have another series in the works with Jessica Wren and Mara Reitsma called the Queen of Winter. It is being written solely in character over Facebook messenger. It has been a pretty crazy experience we have had times where we have written twenty-six pages in forty eight hours then have a lull then off we go again. It is all about coordinating the right times to be able to work.

Bill van Oosten

Jim Cartwirght

Joanne Ruth

Joanne Ruth was born and lives in New Zealand, a beautiful country she loves and promotes shamelessly.  Writing has been her passion since childhood and with NZ as inspiration, the beauty and wonders of the world around her and her fascination with the unlimited capabilities of human beings, it was inevitable that she would become a novelist. 

She is a person of strong faith in God and family and her novels reflect that in the spiritual aspects and the bonds created in and between her characters.  She credits her own life experience and her children and grandchildren for much of the inspiration for those characters.

Now retired from her working life Joanne divides her time between writing, editing and spending quality time with her family.  She still loves to explore, to share new experiences and to laugh a lot with family and friends, and she looks forward to all Life will bring her in the years to come.  She has many adventures yet to tell – and maybe even some secrets to reveal – for all of us know . . . that for something to be believable . . . it must have at least a little bit of truth. 

NB:      Please note that Joanne Ruth is a New Zealander and writes as one using New Zealand (Kiwi) language, slang and idioms.  Feel free to google any references not understood. 

New Zealand is an beautiful country and a version of almost every wonder of the world can be found here.  Kiwis are people diverse of culture and race, resourceful and adventurous and friendly and are very accepting of the culture and language of others.  We would love you to visit us and enjoy this incredible place and people too.

Poppy Mann

I was always an avid reader as a child and began to make up stories of my own and wrote them for my own enjoyment.  I also had an interest in fashion and after leaving school, became an apprentice fashion designer in Melbourne going on to design for one of the top Australian fashion houses. This career finally brought me to New Zealand, designing for a company here in Wellington where I eventually met my future husband, a serving army officer. After accompanying him on several overseas postings we finally settled in Rotorua where we opened three restaurants using my training as a chef in Paris and a switch in careers working in the emerging food industry.

It was many years later that I wrote my first full length novel based on a newspaper article that I had read in a French newspaper. I submitted it to Harpers/Collins who replied immediately expressing an interest in it but finally didn’t publish it. I still like the story and intend to self publish it soon.

 I tend to write romantic mysteries, more along the lines of Danielle Steel and Nicola Thorne. I concentrate on the story line and try to keep things moving to keep the reader interested.

Jeanne Gioia

Jeanne Gioia resides in Columbus, Ohio where she grew up. She enjoys reading, photography, gardening and the company of friends. She shares her home with her kitties, which she adores

Mavis Humby

Wanda Luthman

Award-winning children’s author, Wanda Luthman, utilizes her expertise in both mental health and guidance counseling to infuse each of her stories with social/emotional messages such as forgiveness, perseverance, self-acceptance, and love conquering evil while still entertaining children with magical adventure stories. She belongs to the National Pen Women Organization in Cape Canaveral, the Florida Writers Association, Space Coast Authors, and Brevard Authors Forum. She lives in sunny Florida with her incredibly understanding and supportive husband of 23 years, their two adorable yorkies, and 15 rescue feral cats (all fixed responsibly and still residing outside and on her porch in their colony)! She loves the outdoors and finds it a great source of inspiration whether she is riding her bike, swimming, or walking.


Kyrena Lynch

Kyrena Lynch, 23, was born and raised in New Zealand to her British mother, Claire, and her New Zealander father, Paul. She is a poet and budding author of many genres including fantasy, mystery, romance, comedy and thriller though has yet to finish her first novel; her first published book will be a poetry book due out in December, right in time for Christmas. She has a couple of poems published in the Ghostly Writes Anthology 2016 & Ghostly Valentines Anthology 2017 that was released by Plaisted Publishing House Ltd. as well as the first three chapters of one of her WIP’s in the former anthology (Ghostly Writes).

She loves music, reading, writing, knitting and baking/cooking; Kyrena also graduated from her local college having studied a diploma in beauty therapy under her birthname. She moved from New Zealand to the United Kingdom in mid-September for new opportunities, inspiration and family reasons.

Her first book, a poetry book called ‘chaos abound: peek into a poets mind‘, is OUT NOW and will make an excellent Christmas gift, so get your copy today!