Claire Plaisted

Claire has published a series of books for adults.

The first series is called ‘Garrett Investigation Bureau.’ Revolving around the ins and outs of this company which is based in New York. The novels have plenty of action, twists, turns and of course romance.   The series consists of six published books. Hidden Secrets, Secrets Past and Hidden Agenda, which is the prequel though best read third. Hidden Slaves, Secret Assassin and Double Crossed. Claire also has three more books for this series which will be hitting the online bookshelves once she has time to finish writing them.

Claire also has a young teens book published called ‘Princess of the Earth’ which is the second edition and formally called ‘Zoe’s Journey.’ Princess of the Earth is about myths and legends which seem to have taken over the human world.  Zoe is finding her life not to be as she thought. There are two more books in this series in draft.

Claire’s other series is ‘The Girlie Adventures,’ These are for young children from the ages of four years, where they can be read to at night by an older sibling or parents. The series starts with ‘Girlie and the War of the Wasps, Girlie and the Quest for Pedi’s Family and Girlie’s Circus Adventure.’  All the stories have a learning curve which most children won’t notice as they jounrey through the adventures.

Along with these are two short stories. Charlie Girl’s First Summer Christmas and Diary of a Psychotic Killer. Both are under re-editing.