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Did You Ever Read Mark Twain Or Beatrix Potter?

Self Publishing Authors There are many readers out in the world who refuse to read Self-Published books, though this is understandable at times, readers shouldn’t shrug them off as all incompetent.  They are missing out an on some excellent stories which are continually rejected by Traditional Publishing Houses for reasons generally unknown. After doing some…
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Do You Make These Six Errors in Formatting

Mistakes on formatting are one of the most common irritations for readers when they buy self published books, be they eBooks or Print.  There is a lot of bad formatting out there, never mind the grammar and editorial errors abounding from one English speaking country to the next.   Grammar and Edits are different in…
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Indie Success –10 things that really matter

From the Daily Echo via a link I found in my Email. ENJOY

Plaisted – Self Publishing Service

Welcome to Plaisted Publishing House were we make your dreams come true, helping you to turn your manuscript into a book you can hold in your own hands.  Whether you novel, family history book is just for you and your family, a reunion or to sell on Amazon we will provide the quality service you…
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