Business Links

Business Links for Indie Authors

Below you will find several lists of links for you to peruse and people to contact so you can get your work online.  Remember, writing is only the start of your journey.


L E Fitzpatrick:- Limelight Literature

Jennifer Felton can be contacted here:-  Redpenofdoom15

Michael Dellert can be contacted here:-

Ready, Set Edit can be contacted here:- Get ready getset edit

Emily A Lawrence can be contacted here:- lawrenceediting

Lynn Street:-

Book Cover Designers

Julie Nicholls:-

Sharon Lipman:-  Fantasia Covers

Lee Anne Kortus:- 

R P Designs:-

Proof & Beta Readers

Elizabeth Nelson:-

Jennifer Crow:- BluePencilProofreading

Cris Broad:-

Narrators and Book Trailers

Karina Kantas:- KKantas Author Assist

Mara Reitsma: –