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Celebrating Three Years in Business


What an amazing journey it has been so far.  Three years of learning the ropes – and there is so much more to do to extend our skills and prove we are an awesome small publishing company.

We do things differently here at Plaisted Publishing House Ltd., We don’t take your copyright off you, nor do we work via royalties. In fact the most important thing is the CLIENT. You are in total control of your book at all times.  You have to approve the work we do in a final document prior to paying us a one-off fee.  This means if you become a rich and famous author – we don’t make any more money off you. It’s all yours with our best wishes.

This all may change in the future as our knowledge base, strength and business grows. There again it may not. Nobody can really see what the future holds.

At present we have had a total of thirty individual authors through our books. Plus those who have joined our Anthologies.  This would give us a list of over 100 authors, if we added them all together.  

I would like to thank each and every Indie Author I have worked with. You have all been and are, amazing to work with – even with a few minor hiccups which all businesses have. We have pulled through, helped more and put our skills on the line to show you our professionalism. 

Due to this incredible journey we have helped hundreds of Indie Authors, many aren’t even clients.  These authors have been assisted via our FREE Marketing MagazineIndie Publishing News & The Journal of Sins & Secrets (R18), AnthologiesGhostly Writes & Childrens Fairy Tale Anthology. Last but not least our Sponsorship Program which was for Fantasy Authors this year. We will be announcing the Winner on the Tenth of August.

Since we are doing so well, I’ll be introducing you to our four new contractors who assist us helping Indie Authors get the best.  So watch out for Mike Elliott, Claudia Plaisted, Mara Reitsma & Joanne Ruth.



Indie Publishing News Issue 12 May 2017 PDF – for those who can’t or don’t want to read online this is a downloadable version.



How Expensive is Publishing

I get a feeling writers think I am an expensive publisher.  This is when I know their knowledge is lacking.  They should realise it takes a long time to write a book.  It also takes hours to edit, make a book cover, format, print and market a book.  Our basic hourly rate for work here in New Zealand is $15.25.  The Living wage is $19.20.  This means at present I am running my company at a huge loss and I am a business who makes no profit.  I do not get a salary.  My husband supports me.

I offer a lot of FREE services for writers, authors and clients.  I encourage them, chat with them, market them, offer free marketing in a magazine, a yearly free sponsorship, free anthology.  This all takes hours of work to accomplish. I enjoy it. I don’t charge for it.  I probably should.

My rate for formatting. $0.004c a word for a draft document. This is so low it is bloody daft.  If I wanted to make a small profit I would be charging $0.10c or $0.20  a word.

At present a 70K story would cost approximately $280 USD   In reality this story should cost $700 or even $1,400.  Yeah go on – run screaming.  I am paid after the formatting is approved by the client.  I know editors who charge more than I do, same with book cover artists.  Createspace charges $399 as a start rate for book covers and $199 for helping to format.  I never own copyright or royalties.

Then you have Vanity Press who ask for $5K plus up front, don’t do the work, don’t send out books, charge you extra for marketing, sales, promo…every step of the way.  So why do they still get the work?   The most expensive package I have seen for an Author was $20k.

I know I don’t charge enough for the services I offer.  If I were writing articles for others I’d get at least $0.25 a word. I choose not to. I prefer to assist Indie Authors get their work online.  However I prices will increase each year. I need to make my company viable and earn a salary, though I will also always have a budget system and I will always do FREE things to assist everyone.

Please consider chatting with me to see how I can help you as a writer.  After all I am here for you to help you build your book – one step at a time

New Releases from Plaisted Publishing House

The best news out is when we release new books to the public.  We enjoy showing you works by our authors. They are truly amazing people.

Our latest books out since December last year:

In a time when the countries of the world are being united and the first One World President is due to be elected, two children on opposite sides of the planet are brought together. But who are these children. Where did they come from and what is the mystery that surrounds them, especially the little girl?

They, and the families who take them into their hearts, are drawn into a governmental conspiracy and hunted by a cult intent on gaining power in the new world order.

It appears their survival and the survival of this new world order are inexplicably linked and they must discover how and why before it is too late.

The Unexpected One by Joanne Ruth

For a brief while she had believed they were safe but now, Tamsin has to face once again the sinister cult leader who wants her and Thomas back in his power – and this time she has to win for good.

The power of the High Priest of another world flows through her as she faces the challenges that come thick and fast and along with those fierce physical battles also comes a growing self-awareness, and a rapidly changing family dynamic. At a stage in life when most teenagers are enjoying their time before maturity tempers their youthful passions, Tamsin faces her greatest battles yet, both inside herself and against her enemy. Can she cope with the forces that rage inside her as she fights for her life and the future of those she has come to love?

Waking Fire by Joanne Ruth

After defying the war lord in control of his home planet Veladon, Eckta is sentenced to an eternity of suffering. When his pod crash lands in the Daedalus Crater of Earth’s moon he expects he will remain there forever. Little does he know his pod is emitting a pulse and below him, on Earth, someone is listening.

From her station at the SETI Institute, Abigail Murray is about to hear something that will change her world forever. Alien life exists. But after discovering Eckta’s amazing abilities will Earth permit this stranger a peaceful life, or will their greed and ambition get the better of them?

Eckta will bring humanity new possibilities, new hope, but his people are not to be reckoned with and they are coming. Will Earth be ready?

Discovery by J B Taylor – Our Sponsorship Winner for 2016

1975 and young talented New Zealand fashion designer, Anna Hunnicut meets Senior army officer Paul Andres and after a brief courtship, marry. When he is posted as Defence Attaché to Jakarta, she accompanies him and soon becomes embroiled in the intrigues and glamour of the Diplomatic Corps there. However, both of the Andrews are unprepared for the shocking consequences of Paul’s actions on an earlier posting 20 years previously which will change their lives forever.

Anna must seek the help of the dangerously attractive and enigmatic Dutch mercenary, Jan Van Hendryks, to save both her and Paul’s lives from the machinations of the vengeful wife of the President.

The Night of the Moonflower by Poppy Mann

Girlie is far from finished with her adventures. In fact she has only just begun. Now that the hive is saved and being sorted. Girlie decides it is time to find out what happened to Pedi’s Family. Where were they? How could she find them? Along with Sammie Kitten, she sets out into the darkest corner of the garden in search of centipede families and helps various other insects along the way. Will she or won’t she find them…Only time will tell.

Girlie and the Quest for Pedi’s Family by Claire Plaisted

Petra Truss is the dark horse of the family. During her last assignment her parents are killed and she has to disappear to save the lives of her brothers. Her partner betrays her and it looks like her world is about to fall apart. Then she dreams of home and is enticed by legends she doesn’t believe in. Bryn Mawr is calling her home.

Petra meets Huw, they can’t seem to keep away from each other. What is their destiny? Will true love find her? What are the other family ties at Bryn Mawr?

Love at Valentines by Beth Bayley

From the minds of writers from around the globe, Plaisted Publishing presents a collection of ghost stories that will chill you, haunt your heart, and steal your soul from eternal devotion to undying love. International authors include: C.A. Keith, Audrina Lane, Karen J. Mossman, Adele Marie Park, Jane Risdon, Jennifer Deese, Lynn Mullican, and a poem from Kyrena Lynch

This eBook will be FREE Worldwide.

The Ghostly Writes Valentines Anthology 2017 by Various Authors

Will true love save the day?

Fiona Gough is controlled by her father for her own good. He is demanding and overly protective. Fiona needs to be flawless in every way imaginable.

Two men enter her life. One works for her father as Head of Accounting, the other is just starting a career as an Architect. Which one will win the day? Who does she truly love?

There is darkness on the horizon and only Fiona can work her way through these days to find life as it should be.

Breaking Free by Claire Plaisted