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Guest Post – Author Jane Risdon

Guest Post – Author Jane Risdon

Good morning all, and Happy #WordPressWednesday.
I’ve got a true treat for you. So, make sure to click to read the original post.
Thanks Jane and Robbie for brightening my day with this lovely interview.

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  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Patty, thanks so much for sharing my interview. It was fun to do and Robbie asked some fab questions. I appreciate you sharing this. Have a fab weekend and stay safe and well. xx

    • Good morning Jane. I hope this message finds you doing super Fabulous on this Fantastic Friday! ?

      You’re very welcome. I am always happy to share your work. I find it quite amazing that with no real effort on your part, you always have something going on during my #wordPressWednesday promo days. This says you and I are in a natural alignment and we need not work at it. ?

      I enjoyed the interview very much. Yes, Robbie asks some great questions. I believe I am going to have to see about having her interview me.

      Have a great weekend.

      • Jane Risdon says:

        You must get on her blog, it would be amazing and I am sure everyone would love to hear all about you. I have got to work hard because my agent tells me that it is necessary to have an online presence and be more visible. So, I am trying hard. Got quite a lot lined up for this next few months and also some internet radio again. Anyway, thanks so much and do go for it with Robbie. xx

      • Hi Jane.

        I’d like to see you use more of my services.

        Let’s have you email me this week so I can get an ad in the GV for you as well as maybe an Extract from one of your books.

      • Jane Risdon says:

        Hi, Patty, many thanks for being so supportive. I appreciate it. What is a GV? Sorry to be dim. Let me know what you are thinking, I shall do my best. Thanks for the offer. Have a fab weekend. We are having a Bank Holiday so not around much. And, I get to have a haircut on Tuesday, the first one this year. Overjoyed lol. xx

      • Jane The Writer’s Grapevine group. You belong to and the magazine, which I sent a link to you for at the end of the week.

        If you did not get that check your spam please.

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