Illustrators & Cover Designers

On this page you will find Illustrators and Cover Designers our company uses.  

Introducing Mara Reitsma

I’ve always loved art, and growing up on the West Coast of Canada, there was lots to see and do and be inspired by. I’ve dabbled in the whimsical world of word craft, painted up storms both on canvas and digitally, and I’ve had fun doing it all. I’m like a kid in a craft studio, I could create all day, providing the right inspirations are present; and let me tell you, the internet now a days is full of inspiration. First step was to find a quiet spot in my home, which is hard with a house full of kids; but I did it. The next was to acquire the tools I needed, and once I was set I couldn’t believe what I could do.
   Now, I am nowhere near Pro Status. I didn’t go to school and take courses to do what I do, YouTube and Google were my teachers. I’d say I’m still learning, and with each project I learn new tricks. It’s incredible what you can do with a stylus and the programs available. I love creating, and learning is part of creation; and it helps keep me from falling into bouts of boredom. Not going to lie, I get bored easily and need to keep working on various projects. The more, the merrier. I just want to create and get my art out there! No sense keeping it all locked inside my head!
   So go take a look at my spreads and see if anything tickles your fancy! 


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