Grammar Isn’t Easy, It’s difficult

Grammar isn’t easy…


I was one of the persons back in the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s who thought that grammar was boring. It wasn’t until I got hooked on writing that I began to enjoy literature. Back in those early decades I thought grammar was real boring and I will never know it. Look where I am at now. I am almost mastering grammar and am very close to it. In the 80’s I was thinking of being a lawyer and won’t ever know the English structure very well. Look now! I know it! I set my mind to study grammar back in 2009 before I took creative writing classes. It was very difficult at that time. I stuck to the grammar and grasped every letter of the alphabet and every vowels and consonants. Most of the time I failed plenty of times in 2009. Now I can master it. I got from…

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The Incredible Power of Writing

The Power of Writing

Lorraine Ambers

Writing is an art form, and all art forms have the ability to transform, inspire and motivate. It’s much more than conveying a story because woven into the fabric of a novel is the artist’s soul, a gateway to their innermost secrets, fears, and darkest desires.

Have you ever wondered why writing is good therapy? If a novel can transport the reader into another world, another perspective, can writing heal the reader too?

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Journaling is great therapy, it allows the writer to unload emotions, to delve deeper and discover aspects of themselves that they never knew existed. It’s a private, safe place to share the shadow side of themselves without fear of being reprimanded. It releases stress. There is no right or wrong way; pen to paper, on the laptop, or making notes on your smartphone, whatever works for you. The important part is gaining access to the thoughts that…

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Authors, Don’t Run From Social Media: 10 Tips to use it Efficiently and Avoid the “Cesspool.” – by Anne R. Allen… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Don’t’ Run from Social Media…

When Angels Fly

A lot of writers are talking about quitting Twitter and Facebook (and FB’s subsidiary, Instagram) because social media has become a “cesspool.” I hear you. Politicians, celebrities, and their mindless minions use social media to trash-talk and stir up negativity and chaos. Plus scammers and sadistic trolls lie in wait to pounce on the innocent […]

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The British Library Explores The History Of Writing

History of Writing

K Morris - Poet

From tomorrow (Friday 26 April), the British Library will be hosting an exhibition concerning the history of writing. The exhibits include an ancient egyptian tablet which demonstrates that concerns about the quality of homework are far from being new! It also shows that worries regarding the decline in hand-writing are not confined to the 21st century. For more information please visit,


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How to Avoid Scams in the Publishing World – by Carla Trueheart…

How to avoid Publishing Scams

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

on The Steps to Getting Published:

Along the road to getting published, most authors turn to helpful outlets and people in the publishing industry, such as literary agents, writing contests, and other self-marketing tools.

Unfortunately, there are many publishing scams out there, some of them quite convincing.

The biggest problem with publishing scams is that there’s a fine line between businesses charging exorbitant fees and people who are flat-out thieving money with no services rendered. Both of these are considered scams, and as authors in this business, we should know how to combat them.

Mostly, that would involve being hyper vigilant, but in some cases, even that isn’t enough.

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