Thanks Chris and Victoria …It is good to know and I will now amend certain posts…which include Blind Writers

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I received the following message this morning, from Victoria Zigler, who is a registered blind writer and uses Facebook.

Hi Chris,

I wondered if you could post the following to make people aware of the issue:

“I noticed recently that Facebook started having background options for posts.

When you create a post on Facebook, it has an option for you to pick a background colour.  When I say “create a post” I mean write a post directly on Facebook, on your timeline/wall or in that “What’s on your mind?” box.  You can pick it like you can pick your feeling or activity.

This was fine at first, because my screen readers – both JAWS (my computer one) and Voice Over (my iPhone one) were happy to just tell me the background existed and which style had been chosen, and then read the text to me. Voice Over especially was good about this, since it likes Facebook better than…

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Book promotions worth your time and trouble, and some which are not (IMHO).

The dos and don’ts of book promotion. I like some, others I don’t. It is great to share opinions and what works for some and not others. I always think it depends on who you are working with and how much work is put into promotion. Thanks for the post 🙂

Stevie Turner

Let’s start with the good news.  In my opinion here are a few marketing ideas / promotions which might help your book to sell better:

1.  BookBub promotions:

Yes they are expensive, but most authors who get accepted do notice a rise in their book’s ranking.  The trick is to get accepted in the first place – I’m still trying!

2.  Guest posting on more popular blogs:

Check out the more popular blogs that accept guest posts and write some good content.  Your own blog’s site will feature all your books somewhere on the side bars I expect, so there’s no need to keep mentioning them.

3.  Winning a reputable writing competition:

You can gain some kudos by doing this, and thereby win followers who will check out your books because they are interested.

4.  Give one book away free on Draft2Digital:

If one book is free on Draft2Digital it then becomes free on many popular…

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Selling Out: Going Wide or Going Exclusive to Amazon – by David Kudler…

I always suggest Going Wide….Amazon aren’t the be all and end all of selling books.

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on The Book Designer:

When most new publishers think of selling ebooks, the first place they think of is Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program.

This makes sense — after all, Amazon represents somewhere between sixty and eighty percent of the world English market for ebooks. Who wouldn’t want to have their book sold in the biggest storefront of all?

Amazon has created a program — KDP Select — that rewards publishers for offering their titles exclusively through the Kindle Store. A lot of publishers — and not just new ones — decide to put all of their eggs in the Amazon basket. They make some compelling arguments for why they do so.

I don’t — do so, that is. With almost all of the books that I publish, I sell wide — that is, at as many retail and distribution outlets as possible, in addition to the ‘Zon.


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