Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018 NOW AVAILABLE!

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As I mentioned in previous posts, I made three anthology appearances in October; Sweet Candy DelightsSideshow, and Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018. This article will discuss Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018.

I discovered this series after being interviewed by Claire Plaisted (head of Plaisted Publishing) and discovered she does an annual anthology. Given I had success with submitting horror stories in various anthologies, I thought I’d write a story for this collection.

My story for this collection is titled “Wingreen Possession” my story is about three friends who decide to find out if the old Wingreen house is abandoned or haunted. They soon find out the ghosts of the Wingreen family are still present in the house. They also find out their reasons for staying on Earth are far more sinister than everyone thought.

ghostly writes teaser

Here’s the teasers for the other stories in the collection.

Here’s the trailer…

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Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018 #Giveaway

Keep downloading your copy of Ghostly Writes Anthology and get haunted ❤

The Sisters of the Fey

I’m thrilled to announce that myself and fellow Sister Of The Fey Adele Marie Park are  participating authors in Plaisted Publishing House’s Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018.

There is a $20 Amazon Giveaway – follow this link to find out more:


A compilation to haunt, intrigue and scare you – it releases on Halloween!
Here is the Youtube video with all the teasers from authors:

Look at these amazing titles…. Don’t they just make you want to find out more…
Monster At My Door by Karen J Mossman
At Midnight by Chandra Trulove Fry
Not Only Clothes Hang in Your Closet by Donna Walo Clancy
Primrose Point Part 2 by Mara Reitsma
God’s Pebbles by Dan McAteer
The Gift by Jane Risdon
A Heart of Gold by Michael Lynes
Necropoli by Adam C. Mitchell
The Basement by Wendy Steele:
The Thinning Veil by K…

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Ghostly Writes 2018

Get our latest edition…Ghostly Writes 2018

Karen's Book Buzz Blog

Ghostly Writes anthology is about to be launched!

All eBooks are free to download and this year’s is now available on pre-order.. As with each one, the stories are better and creepier than ever.

Just put Ghostly Writes Anthology in the Amazon search bar!

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 15.18.47

To read more about the stories, follow this link

Here is a taster of my story….

Monster at the Door

It’s hard venturing out of my flat these days. Only this morning I was at the counter in the Post Office when someone shuffled in behind me. I could feel their breath on my neck. The assistant handed me a receipt. I turned to shove it into my pocket and there was no one there.

Spooked, I returned to my flat and made a cup of tea. As I poured water into the cup, my hand shook. This place was supposed to be my haven. Now…

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Two Erotic Short Chapters – Draft

Our Client – Chloe King is working again …Have a read of to chapters of a draft manuscript

Chloe King - Erotic Author

cropped-dollarphotoclub_76502387.jpgHe had my naked body bent over a chair, my hands gripping the seat, my ankles were tied to the chair legs with silk scarves. With my ass in the air, his hand smoothing over my soft skin. I shivered waiting for him to press closer. Instead he slid his large calloused fingers between my crack, over my anus. I gasped when he added some scented oil, massaging it into my skin. He probed my anus with gentle pressure

“Ohhh,” I gasped, feeling my anus stretch over the tip of one finger. 

“You like this, don’t you sweetheart?”

“Yes,” I hissed. 

He poured more oil along my crack. His finger pushed a bit deeper, making me gasp as my tight ring opened wider causing a stab of pain. It disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared sending electric pluses to my womb.

“I want my cock in here tonight,” he…

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What is EROTIC to you?

Bored with your sex life…Read a novella by Chloe King and get all Hot & Bothered…just make sure your partner is home

Chloe King - Erotic Author

young-woman-2747334_1920Muses are strange things. They talk to you or run away. Mine is generally a nymphomaniac muse. She loves sex and sex scenes. The more descriptive the better. Yet as an Erotic Author I still sometimes get embarrassed by her. 

My question is in the title.  There are levels of heat, however where would you put your writing at or as a reader what is hot and what is not?  I know EROTICA is all about the descriptive sex. A place I try not to go to often. I prefer to write a story, give it background and keep with Erotic, even if it is descriptive. I also enjoy writing M/M romance, though I have not published any yet. Perhaps I should write some novella’s like many others do, or even a mini anthology of shorts.

I read a lot of Erotic romance to research, gather information and enjoy.  There…

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Ghostly Writes writers write together again…2018 Anthology coming soon

How’s yoru Halloween looking? Here’s a treat for you all. Ghostly Writes Anthology have pulled together their 2018 edition which will be release…on the 31st 🙂

Jane Risdon

Ghostly Writes Anthology Writers

are back

with their 2018 Anthology

to be published by Plaisted Publishing House

in time for Halloween.

Paperback and E-book

Watch out for buy links later this month.


23 fabulously spooky and discombobulating stories from around the world.

Including my own spooky crime story THE GIFT.

Pop over to enjoy blog posts about our writers:

Here is mine:

The Gift by Jane Risdon

and here are some others for you to enjoy:

Keep ’em peeled for more blog spots.

Here is our YouTube video presentation – I hope you enjoy it.

Four Anthologies and one more to come in October 2018

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