Two Erotic Short Chapters – Draft

Our Client – Chloe King is working again …Have a read of to chapters of a draft manuscript

Chloe King - Erotic Author

cropped-dollarphotoclub_76502387.jpgHe had my naked body bent over a chair, my hands gripping the seat, my ankles were tied to the chair legs with silk scarves. With my ass in the air, his hand smoothing over my soft skin. I shivered waiting for him to press closer. Instead he slid his large calloused fingers between my crack, over my anus. I gasped when he added some scented oil, massaging it into my skin. He probed my anus with gentle pressure

“Ohhh,” I gasped, feeling my anus stretch over the tip of one finger. 

“You like this, don’t you sweetheart?”

“Yes,” I hissed. 

He poured more oil along my crack. His finger pushed a bit deeper, making me gasp as my tight ring opened wider causing a stab of pain. It disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared sending electric pluses to my womb.

“I want my cock in here tonight,” he…

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What is EROTIC to you?

Bored with your sex life…Read a novella by Chloe King and get all Hot & Bothered…just make sure your partner is home

Chloe King - Erotic Author

young-woman-2747334_1920Muses are strange things. They talk to you or run away. Mine is generally a nymphomaniac muse. She loves sex and sex scenes. The more descriptive the better. Yet as an Erotic Author I still sometimes get embarrassed by her. 

My question is in the title.  There are levels of heat, however where would you put your writing at or as a reader what is hot and what is not?  I know EROTICA is all about the descriptive sex. A place I try not to go to often. I prefer to write a story, give it background and keep with Erotic, even if it is descriptive. I also enjoy writing M/M romance, though I have not published any yet. Perhaps I should write some novella’s like many others do, or even a mini anthology of shorts.

I read a lot of Erotic romance to research, gather information and enjoy.  There…

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Ghostly Writes writers write together again…2018 Anthology coming soon

How’s yoru Halloween looking? Here’s a treat for you all. Ghostly Writes Anthology have pulled together their 2018 edition which will be release…on the 31st 🙂

Jane Risdon

Ghostly Writes Anthology Writers

are back

with their 2018 Anthology

to be published by Plaisted Publishing House

in time for Halloween.

Paperback and E-book

Watch out for buy links later this month.


23 fabulously spooky and discombobulating stories from around the world.

Including my own spooky crime story THE GIFT.

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Four Anthologies and one more to come in October 2018

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